Friday, January 7, 2011

When in doubt: Chi & Kat Von D!

If you have never spoiled your tresses with a Chi flat iron, your locks have yet to experience hair heaven. Bad hair days, gone. Strands of hair caught and tugged on (even yanked from your scalp, ::gasp::!), no more. Silky, shiny, straight hair is here! No, this is not an infomercial for Chi, just a loyal customer who swoons over her limited edition "Beneath Our Earth" Chi flat iron.

No time before work to whip out a Victoria Secret Angel's 'do? Just bust out the Chi, which heats up in less than one minute (I've clocked it in under 20 seconds), using only 20-25 watts (less than your n-table lamp's light bulb)! Not feeling the new-age Cher stick-n-slick style? No worries, the rounded edges of the 1" ceramic plates (if you're using anything other than ceramic plates on your hair, put down the iron and walk away slowly...) make it easy for a beach-worthy wave or a Farrah Fawcett flip (I swear it's making a comeback). Whichever way you choose to breathe life into your locks with your Chi, your hair will promise to be silky, shiny, and salon-approved!

Since I dabbled with my Tokidoki goodies yesterday, I decided to turn to another, yet equally eccentric new make-up product from Santa (aka, my husband). Since the second I spotted the thick and creamy, sans shimmer-n-glitter lipsticks of the Kat Von D make-up line in the Sephora catalog (I told you, I stalk it), I. Had. To. Have. It! The Painted Love Lipstick set painted every emotion from seduction to sweet across my lips. From the nudey-pink Lolita, to the Christina Aguilera staple Underage Red, you have your pick of every shade to match your mood and look.

Going with a more neutral eye today (a little bit of this, a little bit of Tarte), I was drawn to the deep red with a hint of plum lipstick (Rosary) that screamed "Vampire Vixen" (yes, it's bound to come out at some point...I, Hello Nikki, am a Twihard)! So, with a quick swipe and tissue blot, I instantly went from a Chi-ed neutral girl-next-door to a mysterious rascally raven...if I do say so myself ;-)

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