Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When 30 days turn into 45...

Who are these people that can blog everyday, and what do they do for a living?! I admit that I've been quite delinquent on my bloggings (blogs? bloggings? bloggers? Ah, I can't keep up with the lingo, let alone how to pluralize it...), but c'mon people, it's conference time! A time when my eyes feel sealed shut with dark marshmellow bags looming underneath, with my hair pulled back tight; partly because it's the quickest in the morning, and partly to pull my eyes open. And let's not forget the continuous staring at the computer screen, the notepad by my bed to jot down thoughts as I toss and turn in the middle of the night (hence the marshmallow bags) and red pen after red pen that I run through as I dot my t's and cross my i's in the 15th draft of the final program. No exaggeration on my part this time (which I tend to do), conference is here and I am knee deep!

So, with my explanation (plea?) presented, I'd like to take a little "me" time, aka blog time, to catch up on a few days (or, at least one). Ask and you shall receive! ;-)

"Favorite" to me has always referred to "THE ONE". As in, no other could match up, come close, compare, or hold a candle to. But, over time, your favorites start to pile-up and you realize that a favorite may not refer to just ONE person, place or thing (noun, to sum it up), but to a compilation of favorites over your lifetime. What may have been an "all-time favorite", may not beat out your "current favorite", but alas, they are both favorites, of sorts. A favorite is something regarded with special favor or preference.

With that said (you know how I like to setup my revealing of a challenge with an intro), my favorite band or artist cannot possibly be summed up into one measly answer. Music is sacred; it can determine your mood, your look, your swagger (yes, I said swagger), and this can be ever changing. When I want to laugh, I'll listen to country, or sometimes the Black Eyed Peas (My Humps, anyone?); when I want to cry, I'll listen to soft sappy love (or lack of love) songs by Taylor Swift or, again, country; when I'm getting ready to hit the town and paint it red, I listen to, of course, B.Spears (definitely favorite on many accounts); and when I want to feel giddy and free and as if even I can sing (attempted only in my car, by my lonesome), I listen to all things Glee! There is, however, one artist who I can listen to and feel/achieve any of the aforementioned feelings. That is, surprising to some, to most...Jason Mraz. Aside from the fact that his middle name is Thomas (<3), or that he was born in Mechanicsville, Virginia, he has a jazzy, poppy, scatty, sweet, soothing voice than can calm me, make me cry, hype me up, or put me to sleep. His heart felt lyrics in "Love for a Child" get me, no joke, everytime. "You and I Both" got me through, and back to, a friendship that I'll cherish through his lyrics. And that relaxed style that screams "I'm on an island wearing a fedora with a drink in my hand" makes me swoon. His lyrics are sometimes so "all over the place" that it's easy to reach some part of me and tug at my heart strings. Though I've never seen him in concert, it's definitely on my Bucket List.

So, thanks, Jason Thomas Mraz, for your therapeutic lyrics and your sexy soothing voice (must be the Thomas in him ;-). I felt like I grew up with you in 2002 with "Waiting for my Rocket to Come", and I stay young with you from 2008's "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things". <3

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist:

(Honorable Mentions go to: Hanson, Heart, B.Spears, Nsync, Kate Voegele, The Wreckers, Taylor Swift, Danny Kaye, Michelle Featherstone, and GLEE!)