Monday, January 31, 2011

All Work and No Blog Makes for a Dull Girl...

Bringing a whole meaning to "slacker", I am here to catch-up on my 30-day challenge and razzle-dazzle you to help you (and me) forget that I've missed ::GASP:: 5 days!

What better way to kick-off this apology than with a picture that triggers a giggle-fest!? Day eight's challenge is certainly a challenge (aren't they all?). A (emphasize the singular) picture that makes me laugh? An album, piece of cake (California Gurls, nuff said). A series of pictures (4th of July 2009, Gf), sure, no problem. But A picture, just one? Certainly a test worth taking, and hopefully passing. Of course, passing would be laughing, so it's really not that dire. The first picture/event that came to mind, I had to use. Tracking it down, on the other hand, not so easy! Facebook, no such luck. Myspace? Do I even remember my login and password? Success! Upon laying eyes on the picture, I LOLed. Score, it's the one.

Day 8 - A picture that makes you laugh:

I'm not even sure who took this picture. Maybe me? Had to of been. Clearly, it was of utter importance, considering I took the time away from my wedding reception to capture it. That drunken, no-shoed, mess of a dress flopping on the ground there, that's my Maid-of-honor, and older sister. What, you ask, is she doing on the ground? Well, after what I can only assume was a "drown-my-stress-that-is-my-sister's-wedding-planning/festitivies" evening, she decided to plop down on a collection of comfy ottomans. Little did she know, those ottomans not only had a mind of their own, but also...wheels. Carefully placing her bum smack dab in the middle, the ottomans spread like wildfire, and down she goes. Now, please take notice that she saved her most prized possession. No, not her dignity, her twisted tea. Tea in air, we're safe! There's a charming sequence to this as well, but I decided to spare her...since I in turn had some doosies myself at her wedding. You know the saying, "Payback's a..." ;-)

In light of the picture I just shared, maybe I should do some smoothing, buttering, kissing-up? ;-) I suppose that leads me right into Day 9. Now, I could very easily post a picture of my strong, cuddly, embracing husband, who has gotten me through various hardships over the past nearly nine years. But, though he is nearly the perfect husband, he's sent me into the arms of someone else strong, cuddly and embracing a time (or two...) throughout those 3,000+ days. Who's arms would those be, you wonder? No, not Robert Pattison, as he's only saved me for the last two years. This "someone" is more of the sweet, soft, kind-hearted, tried-and-true friend who has been there through it all, by trains, planes and automobiles.

Day 9 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most:

All five of these girls, women, have pulled me out of a slump, a dump, or a gotten me over a hump, at some point in my life. I include all of them because, well, not only have they all been such a large part of getting me through for such a long stretch of my life, but they have also probably sent me into one of the others' arms at some point too ;-) First, and most obviously, my sister, who I threatened more than once that I was "flying her home RIGHT now" when she took her four year hiatus to FL, far, far away from me. The second, a girl who had been through the mill herself, but somehow managed to be one of the strongest rocks in my life. The third, a girl who never ceased to make me laugh. The fourth, a newbie, but no less a staple in helping me get through and cheer me on as one of my biggest fans. And last, but never least, a girl who tends to test me and push me to be my best, but who will get scrappy with anyone else who dared. I know I am who I am because of me, first and foremost, but these girls are pretty big contributors to getting me where I am today. 

The next is a bit more challenging than the others, seeing as how I'm not a criminal, I've never done something even remotely criminal worthy, and I lead a pretty "clean" life (I know my Dad is smiling right now). BUT, if ever there was someone who tested my boundaries, there's only one that comes close. I changed one of the words because, well, it's my blog and I can, dangit! And two, because it was a little less PG-13 and a little more R+. 13 year olds read random blogs too, ya know.

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with: (Sadly so, these are the only pictures I have with her :-/)

     (2003)                                               (2008)

My boss, my stylist, my mentor, my friend, and most often, the person who gets me in nearly the most trouble...and I keep going back for more! <3 She did my hair and make-up for prom when I was 18, took me under her wing as a stylist when I was 18, made me manager of her beloved salon when I was 20, did my hair for my wedding when I was 23, and will forever be in my life! Whether she likes it or not ;-)

Moving right along. I hope I'm not boring you...but then again, you are reading a blog, so you're probably a smidge bit bored to begin with.

Hate is a strong word. I try not use it, unless it's partnered with something like "lying", "cheating", "scum of the earth"...oh wait, I suppose I do have hate in my heart somewhere. Before turning this upbeat-sap-of-a-blog into a bash-fest, I'll just post my picture and move on to something a little more Disney.

Day 11 - A picture of something you hate:

I don't mean to confuse...I don't specifically HATE Tiger Woods. Hell, I don't know the guy. But I do hate his way of life...cheating, lying, deceiving. Be real people. Truth hurts, but it also heals.

Whew, now that that's over, let's get back to it, shall we? We're finally caught up and I'm starting to get that Bloggin' feelin' back!

Beach. Crashing waves. Alcoholic frozen concoction in hand (Pain the de Ass, please!). Flip flops. French Fries (Thrashers, anyone?). My hubaliscious hubby. Besties (or, Biffles, if you will).  Fam. Paris (the place, and the pup). Pumpkin anything. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream...or, just the dough. Twist. Hair. Make-up. Fashion. And the list could go on...  All of these things have ONE thing in common = Things I love. So how does one pick just ONE!? Impossible! Is it possible to have a tangible picture of "life", because I love mine ;-)

Day 12 - A picture of something you love (I think this was the easiest way to sum up my life?):

Descriptions of me...take it or leave it:-P

A friend's school project turns, "This is Me!" campaign. Granted, this was in 2007, but nonetheless, this is me, this is my life, and I love every inch of it <3

That's all for now, followers. Here's hoping I'll be back tomorrow, and not five days from now. And somewhere along this challenge journey, I do promise to get back to the Hair, Make-up, Fashionm OH MY!

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