Thursday, January 6, 2011

Channeling Blair Waldorf & Dabbling in Tokidoki

One of my fashion icons is none other than fictional character: Blair Waldorf. With her prep meets demure style, echoing a child born from Audrey Hepburn and the new-age Alexa Chung, she takes headbands and colored stockings to a level of their own. Now, real life Blair Waldorf, aka Leighton Meester, though an applauded singer, does not have the fashion sense of her portrayed Blair Waldorf. So please, don't get the two confused ;-)

With my already classic outfit in the works, I slap on a thick headband with chunky jewels and "Voila!", Blair Waldorf starring back at me in the mirror.

Instead of gracing you with one simple picture bowing down to the fashion of "B", I found a whole website dedicated to her classically pulled together outfits (or Eric Daman, stylist of Gossip Girl, for that matter):

Just for a teaser... ;-)
BWF - blair-waldorf-fashion photo

Now, WHAT is Tokidoki, you ask? No, it's not a 3-year old's way of slurring "Okie Dokie". It's my new make-up obsession. Tokidoki, created by Italian artist Simone Legno, found it's way under my Christmas Tree in the form of a vibrant and eccentric palette. You will soon come to find that not only do I follow Blair Waldorf's every fashion move, I also thirst for every new palette that graces the pages of the Sephora catelog. Thankfully, my hubby induldges in these hunger pangs by buying me all marked palettes in the Sephora catelog each Christmas :-D Since "B"'s wardrobe sometimes lacks that eccentric piece, I like to bring it out in my make-up. In the magical world of Tokidoki, where mischief flourishes and Japanese-inspired (you had me at "Japanese"...) collections abound, you live by one motto: "Everyday brings another opportunity to dream". You said it, Tokidoki! And so, I dreampt of creamy silvers and blues, with a rosy cheek and nude lips. Thanks, Tokidoki (and the hubby, of course), for making today's dream come true.

Now, if only I could get my husband to "channel" Chuck Bass... <3

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