Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And the challenge continues...

Day 6 - A picture of something you'd like to do again:

While 2010 wasn't my most favorite year so far, it was certainly an eventful year and a year to grow. Thanks to the world of social media, and especially facebook (I'm biased), my year of 2010 was compiled into a handy-dandy collage to help me reflect on the good and crazy times. Some of the same and old, and some of the new and fresh. I don't know that I would repeat anything in my life to the "t", because what's the fun in that! It was meaningful for a reason, but wouldn't necessarily mean that much again.

Though I'm not looking for a repeat, let's take a quick trip down 2010's memory lane:

*Finally said goodbye to "Old Blue" and found myself a shiny new toy: White (with tan interior, swoon!) 2010 VW Jetta <3
*Celebrated turning 25 the same way I celebrated 21 (sans head in toilet), surrounded by the BEST of the best <3
*Dabbled in some new horizons and gave myself permission to enjoy them, despite critics.
*Rooted for the Redskins, despite their losing record...again. This doesn't seem to just be a 2010 thang...
*Painted the town...yellow? Hit Vegas for the 4th time, with my fav partner in crime, to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Oh, and there was some work in there too.
*"The city that never sleeps...and the girls that didn't either" The gf's bachelorette party, NYC, need I say more.
*One of the best, and most needed, mini-vaca's I have ever had. <3 Dru, Joey, SkyE <3
*Saying g'bye to O'briens...the way we said hello.
*Becoming a family <3 Going back to where we started.
*Learning to cherish loved ones and spend more time showing it.
*Welcomed my sister back to where she belongs: with me!
*Continuing to spread my love of hair, across the world ;-)
*Falling in love with my best friends, over, and over, and over, and over....
*Reuniting with old friends and making anew!
*Continuing my road to a long and healthy life. Remembering Weight Watchers, entering Tony, P90x style.
*Ending 2010 the same way I entered...loving my husband and believing in happy endings. <3

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