Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apple of My Eye

Day seven's challenge makes me dig deep (no pun intended) to come up with my most treasured "item". Since no perimeters were set, there's no telling whether this "item" should be an actual tangible "thing". Seeing as how "item" is a noun, I find it to be a person, place OR thing, but not limited to a "thing". With that said, and my argument presented, I'm not even sure my treasured item will be a person, I just wanted the option ;-) For fear of not being able to narrow my person to just A person and not personS, I think I'll resort back to a "thing". But, thanks for the option. 
So, what could I not live without? If I were stranded on a desolate island, what would I have to have with me? Well, immediately, cell phone comes to mind, but that's really only handy if there's cell service, and there's no telling where I might be and whether cell towers are in the vicinity. Then there's the obvious: laptop, pc, mac...but all of these electronics have one large component in common: batteries. Once that battery dies, the point of having that electronic goes soaring out the door.

So, what doesn't require any "bars" (Can you hear me now?), outlets or endurance? Those tangible memories that bring back an array of even more memories: pictures. Although I'd love to come up with something more profound and non-cliche, I too would first grab my photo albums before rushing out of a fire-laden house (of course, after grabbing those "people items" = hubby and pooch!). Nothing screams treasure like tangible memories.  

Day 7 - A picture of your most treasured item - A picture of a picture? Hm...this was hard, but per usual, up for the challenge!

My bridal shower cake, showcasing a picture of the hubs and I, right before heading up to the top of the Vegas Eiffel Tower, where he proposed ;-) Notice the nervous look on his face and the hand in his pocket keeping the ring secure. <3 And speaking of the ring...another valuable, can't live without, constant reminder of love, treasure! Oh, also speaking of cake...well, you know.

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