Friday, April 8, 2011

Gettin' Fringy with it...

Spring has sprung, and that is the instant excuse for two major highlights of my life: fresh seasonal wardrobe consisting of the current fashions (bringing the 70's back, can ya dig it?) and, of course, a renewed hairstyle mimicking those of beachy-haired, fringe worthy celebs that broke the mold first!

Spring is the awakening of fashion after a dark and drab winter, especially in MD where we are relentlessly teased with the warmth of the sun, the reviving blue skies, and the peak of freckles...only to be wrenched back into the winter blues. Until the next time feel-good-day, until the next time. So, the second spring's features stick around for more than 24 hours, the itch begins. The itch to shop for the light and brights, the hankering to sip fruity thirst-quenchers while dining alfresco and, alas, the yearning for a bouncy, light, carefree and blasé mane.

These tresses must embody that of many features. Necessary requirements vary from being an air-dried wash-n-go style, to easily being transformed into Victoria Secret model worthy beach waves (Gisele Bundchen, anyone?). Also obligated to look effortlessly styled when pulled into a tousled bun, or wispy but polished when tailored with a flat or curling iron. In short: sweet, simple, sexy.

How does one achieve the Gisele-meets-Rachel Bilson (insert ménage a trois with Eva Mendes)-and-births the-Kardashians? Fringe baby, fringe. "Not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme" defines that of the wispy borders. Framing your face, falling strategically over one eye (or both, rebelliously), adding ornamental strands to any hair do', whether long, short, layered or shagged (you name it), it embellishes. And who doesn’t want to try something so simply rebellious? Who knew fringe would be described so edgy in the dictionary…

Afraid of the all-inclusive chop, but bored with your grown-out winter style that you swore you would keep up with? No easier way to update your locks, all while being on-trend (encompassing your own twist), then to get fringy with it.

Being of visual absorption myself, I thought no better way to prove this Fringe-a-liscious phenomenom than to show you! Not to mention my obsession with "Before" and "After" shots ;-)

Before: Grown-out Side Swoop

After: Bang-a-liscious Fringe!

Before: Grown-out fringe to the fullest

After: Wispy Fringe!

So c'mon ya'll, get fringy with it! ;-)

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