Friday, April 1, 2011

The B*tch is Back!

Appropriate subject line, due to the fact that B.Spear's newest CD, Femme Fatale, dropped on Tuesday. Though I wasn't waiting in the parking lot at Target for their opening at 8am to rush in and swipe my copy (although, I did ponder whether I would be one of five or 20 rushing in...), and I unfortunately was not tech savvy and smart enough to pre-order on itunes so that the pop star's newest "tunes" would download in my sleep. BUT, alas, I did finally embrace my iPod with Brit Brit's usual synthesized voice and beats worthy of every DJ's playlist. Despite my seemingly offensive comments about her singing (or lack thereof), I have been bee-bopping to the 16 upbeat tracks ever since I added it to my library. With two of the 16 tracks already hitting airwaves in overplayed proportions, I had 14 other tracks to familiarize myself with, and familiar I am. Whether it's the catchy whistling in "I Wanna Go", or the laugh-worthy lyrics of "How I Roll" (I got nine lives like a kitty cat? Clever, Brit.), I swoon like the 13-year-old I was when I first became entranced in the Britney phenomenon. Who is this school girl chick? And where is the Backstreet Boys video I paid good money to view!? Imagine my delightful surprise when I got a two-for-one on The Box (heart-sinking pain from your absence, The Box. Let's have a moment for the days when MTV actually stood for Music Television and not Made-up Theatrical View...okay, good enough.) and was instantly glued to the TV during my first peak of the pop princess...except for the two seconds I un-glued to call my BFFs and tell them to turn it on The Box, now!

So, for nearly 13 years of synthesized voice-overs, dance-my-ass-off beats, gossip magazine cover stories, questionable lyrics, head shaving fiascos and for envy of your MTV Music Award snake performance perfectly cut abs, I salute you, B.Spears, and will be a forever listener. Who's already got your tour dates on my calendar? ::Raises Hand::

Now that we've covered that b*tch's comeback, let's get on to mine. Bucket List in mind, I do solemnly swear to blog more often. But, ya know, don't hold me to that or anything.

Back to the challenge!...

Everyone who knew me B.T. (Before Tom, of course) knew a muted version of me. Only a handful, being of closest relation, really saw the true me. My transformation, or, more so my polymorphism ( is a WHOLE different blog subject that one day we'll embark on, once I've had enough coffee...or really divulge that story. But, now knowing that Tom (that would be my hubby ;-) had such an impact, you could assume that I wouldn't be where I am today without him in my life. Whether I would have "morphed" on my own or not will never be known, and I honestly wouldn't want to know a transformation that wasn't influenced and supported by Tom. There are more than a handful, let's say two handfuls (you know who you are), of people who played a large part in my conversion, but when I break it down into over-analytical thoughts, I realize that I may not have really blossomed with just those handfuls alone, without Tom's influence. He'll swear up and down that he didn't do anything to contribute to who I am today, but he doesn't realize how every little ounce of push, lack thereof, support, comfort, laughter and beyond really abetted me to expose myself to the world, or even just to my close-knit group, or, quite frankly, to myself.

Would I still be that chubby, (those who didn't know me B.T. are probably saying, you, chubby? I get that quite often and forget not everyone knew the "old" me) insecure girl, who relished in her dreams of sharing clothes with her friends, running more than two minutes without collapsing, feeling like she was worthy of any guy's crush, or at least, like herself? Who knows. Maybe, in time, I would have gradually grown-out of it at my own will, but there's no telling, and like I said, I'd rather have not found out.

What it boils down to is, "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same" - Anonymous

Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without:

Now, anyone who has known me, whether B.T. or not, should probably know one large fact about me. I'll give you a hint: my pup's name is Paris, and no, I do not always need to vaca at Hiltons. Which leaves one connection (for those savvy enough to break it down), Paris, France. One step into my house and you'll see the Eiffel Tower predominantly strewed throughout my decor. From a massive 6 ft. tower, to Sur La Table tea towels draping my counter, it's apparent how I feel about Paris and its lattice tower.

Though I've developed an obsession with this city of love, I've yet to stroll the streets in my French couture (beret adorned, no less), ferociously pretending not to be an annoying tourist, and instead a fair-weathered resident. Though, in actuality, I could never afford to live somewhere that was deemed the most expensive city to live in the world in 2010. Nonetheless, my obsession perseveres and encourages my determination to one day visit, stroll and appreciate the city of Paris, France. I yearn to sip coffee (a Cafe au lait, if you will) at an outdoor cobblestoned cafe, and nosh on my beignet or a true petit four, before embarking on a window-shopping spree of my wildest imagination. Followed, of course, by a breathtaking (and I have no doubts whatsoever that my breathe will actually escape me the first time I see it) view of the sparkling Eiffel Tower. Today, simply in my wildest dreams, but one day, a dream come true.

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die:

As if that wasn't inspiring enough (I would be lying if I said I didn't actual lose my breath just thinking about my first view of the Paris lights), this next "challenge" requires me to really think. Or, not so much think, but narrow. There are several people who inspire me on a daily basis, year-to-year, throughout my life. Whether small or large acts, there are more than a few people who completely set me in awe. But when forced to really narrow and evaluate, there is one person who sticks out in my mind. I wouldn't say it's because she inspires more than any of the others, but it's the WAY she inspires. Forced to deal with growing up too soon, she has somehow been an ever-standing rock in my life. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she has persevered in life, whether related to school, work, friends, family, love, health...I could go on, but I'll spare you.

There's something so solid about her that gives you the inclination that you can confide in her with anything, and she won't budge, not even a hint of wavering or insecurity. That probably comes along with the hardships that she had to suffer at such an early age. Appreciation, there's another great quality that she inspires in me almost every time I interact with her. Having gone through the adversities that she has, I suppose she has developed such a love, patience and understanding for all other fiascos, which must seem at times, insignificant in comparison.

She inspires me to be a better friend, to her, and to others. To be a better me, and has supported my "transformation" from day one. She inspires me to appreciate, to challenge myself, to be brave, to relish in my achievements, to run farther and longer, to concentrate harder, to laugh more, to complain less, to be spontaneous, to be organized, to love the life you've been given, despite any chips in the glass. She is as still as the water, as comforting and soothing as a glass of wine, as carefree as a hippy in her prime, as fun as your favorite memory and as lovable as a soul mate could ever be.

She definitely ranks up there as someone I couldn't imagine my life without. I don't just appreciate her as a friend, but as an everlasting inspiration, in all ways possible.

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you:

Lisa Marie Whitehead (Ellison)

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Inspiration <3

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